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Golf Ball Placement

Golf Ball Placement, or ball position, varies depending on the club selected.

  • Place the ball in the center of your stance for short irons.
  • For middle irons, ball placement should be slightly forward of center; for the right-handed golfer, that would be slightly closer to the left foot.
  • When using long irons and fairway woods, the ball should be placed approximately two balls forward of center; for the right-handed golfer, two balls to the left.
  • The driver is played farthest forward, generally in line with the inside of the left heel for the right-handed golfer.

Tour Sticks can assist with ball position by being placed on the ground in a T shape with the first stick parallel to the target line and the second the appropriate distance back from the front foot. (For short irons, place the ball in the center of the stance.)

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